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All our glass meets the highest quality standards set by ECE regulations 43, including windscreens, other windows or partitions in motor vehicles and trailers.

In order to meet these specific requirements they must test:

- Head impact

- Optical distortion

- Secondary image separation

- Light transmission levels

- Mechanical impact testing

- Resistance to the environment

- Abrasion resistance

- Resistance to chemicals

- Flammability

- Accelerated weathering



All our products, including those for cleaning, priming, adhesive, abrasive de-greasing are supplied by Dupont who produce Beta products that provide a total solution for glass bonding applications.


Innovative formulations provide a wide range of mechanical properties to suit all manufacturer requirements and are compatible with all vehicle production processes. 



TOUGHCARGLASS.UK are obsessive about using the best and highest quality equipment on the market.

We use internal wiring systems to ensure 100% visibility at all times, ensuring no damage is caused.

Wherever possible we will use "fiber line", a product developed to ensure no damage to interior trims, nor scratches are made to the vehicles paintwork on removal of the glass, reducing the risk of rust developing.

Swing arm lifting equipment enables the technician to lift the glass in and out with ease, ensuring the glass is placed exactly where it needs to be, first time every time. 

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