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Stone chip repair benefits

1. Stop it cracking

Firstly to prevent the stone chip developing into a crack, and resulting in the windscreen needing to be replaced.

Whether its a frost, a hot day or a bump in the road, lots of things could cause your chip to grow.

2. The expenses

The expense of a chip repair is only a fraction of the cost of replacing the whole Windscreen.

Get your stone chip repaired straight away and claim your expenses back from your insurance company and it may not cost you a penny*.

3. Ensuring Safety

Not only is a chip unpleasant to look at, it can also be extremely distracting and distort your view. As the stone chip continues to develop into a crack, it will end up weakening the integrity of your Windscreen. Enough exposure and you’ll one day wake up to find the windscreen cracked – or if you ever have a collision or accident, these broken glass can affect the performance of the airbags seriously injuring you.

4. Saving Time

The more you wait before getting a chip repaired, the more time (and money) you’ll have to put in when getting your chip repaired or the windscreen replaced. Fresh stone chips can be repaired within 15 to 30 minutes at a low cost, whereas a windscreen replacement can take hours from the start to when you can next drive your car.

5. Environmental benefits

By decreasing the amount of glass that goes into landfills, and reducing the need for new glass manufacturing and transportation we can all make a positive effect on the environment.

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