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#Damage caused by hot weather to laminated glass#

Laminated windscreens and heat.

Not many people know that heat will cause more damage to a laminated windscreen than cold weather and frost.

On a hot summers day when temperatures are around 25-35 degrees celsius, the glass can reach temperatures in excess off 50-80 degrees. This causes the laminate (PVB) supporting the two layers of glass in a windscreen to become soft and pliable.

This then causes the windscreen glass to become very weak and vulnerable to any sort of existing or imminent damage, such as stone chips, scratches, heavy impact, chassis twist ect ect.

when working on a stone chip repair Toughcarglass ensure to get the glass temperture slowly down (not to cause thermal shock) to a workable range whenever possible. This reduces the chance of the stone chip repair developing into a crack while working on it.

If you need to park up your vehicle on a hot sunny day for a long period of time, try to park your car in some shade. alternatively cover your windscreen with cardboard, a cloth or sheet, Especially if you have any sort of damage on your glass.

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