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BMW 3 series Windscreen replacement

Finding a proper place to have a BMW 3 Series windscreen replacement performed can be a hazardous and head-ache filled journey.

Read onward to see why cracks and dents can appear, how to prevent them, and where is the best place to go in your location for any car glass repairs or replacements.

Is the BMW 3 Series a good car?

The BMW 3 Series sets a high standard for smaller luxury cars, as well as sporty ones. It carries a delicate balance of agility and strength with its handling and an impressive increase from the previous generation of its kind. But that may be because its components are quite different from the one before.

All in all, the BMW 3 Series the type of vehicle which new sophisticated types are weighed against to this day, having forever carved its spot in the lavish car’s hall of fame.

Can I drive my BMW 3 Series with a crack in the windscreen?

Sure, driving with small cracks or dents, or even long rifts across the windscreen of your car might not seem like a big deal. You’ve probably even seen a few friends and family do it before.

But like all actions, there are consequences: 

Your safety is in jeopardy 

Small cracks become big problems on the road. You’re driving with a distorted view for one (or at least the high potential for one anyway), and your car’s frame is weakened heavily.

Your car glass is designed to allow you a clear view while also protecting you and your occupants from outside elements. This particular glass is also assisting maintain the shape of your vehicle’s frame so that in the event of a collision or roll-over, it doesn’t crumple inwards and cause bodily harm to anyone. 

It seems like a minor issue now, but that cracked windscreen is a ticking timebomb of problems.

Cracks or dents on a windscreen get you in trouble with the law

In the UK, when you operate a vehicle with noticeable cracks and dents, you are liable for a fine between £250 and £2,500. Or they can incur three penalty points on their license.

These costs are already exceeding what you would have to pay for a repair or replacement and can result in marks upon your permanent record and possible jail time.

It’s not worth it.

Can I fix a crack in a BMW 3 Series windscreen myself?

Very tiny and minor cracks are usually not impossible to fix by yourself. There are plenty of helpful guidelines online and products to help you with this.

However, you must get the problem fixed as soon as possible (and preferably by a professional) if the following situations are in place:

  • The windscreen chip or dent is greater than the size of a £2 coin.

  • If the location of the damage is closer than 3cm away from the pane’s edge.

  • When the windscreen chip is directly within the driver’s line of sight.

  • If the damage is on the interior side of the car.

It is always best to consult an online expert on the size and whether it needs a simple repair or a full windscreen replacement. You should also try to get this repaired as soon as possible, as superficial cracks can burst into a multitude of small ones if left alone for too long.

What causes cracks in the windscreen of my BMW 3 Series?

There is no one singular reason that these pesky problems appear in our field of vision. 

They can come from various sources:

Impact damage from street debris

When you’re driving along roads that have been freshly paved or worked over, you’ll notice little pebbles and stones being flung up towards your windscreen or car glass. At the right angle, and with the right amount of force, these impacts can cause cracks and dents to appear.

Stress fractures from temperatures 

The fluctuating winds and weather patterns of the UK might be something we’re all used to at this stage, but its a constant strain on our poor BMW 3 Series.

When you expose glass to hot (direct sunlight) and cold (rain and ice) temperatures, it contracts and compresses, which place stress on the structure of the glass, causing it to crack if done too often.

Weather damage

Dark clouds on the horizon spell out more trouble for your day than just seasonal depression. 

Hailstones and flying branches and other debris can give your car glass and framework a decent beating along with contributing ice and hot sunlight to the stress fracture problem mentioned above.

Collision damage

The bigger brother of impact damage. Car accidents and collisions with roadside obstructions is the worst possible thing to run into on any drive.

Car crashes and accidents can range from a simple fender bender to a complete write-off of your BMW 3 Series. A simple repair can rarely solve this kind of damage, and often entire sections of car glass will need to be replaced.

Low-quality materials and unprofessional technicians

Finding a cheap replacement for your windscreen from a dubious dealer might save you money short term. But after awhile those non-OEM complaint materials and poorly placed glass sections will come back to haunt you, in the pocket and on your road safety.

Always make sure you make use of technicians who know precisely what they’re doing and who use the best possible tools on your car. You’ll save pounds and pounding headaches for your future self.

How can I prevent cracks in the windscreen of my BMW 3 Series?

There are a few ways that you can prevent or lessen the odds of damage to your windscreen and other sections of car glass. Follow these steps, and you should heavily reduce the need for any repairs or replacements.

Keep your BMW 3 Series sheltered from the elements

To make sure your car is safe from outside elements and contrasting temperatures, always find sufficient shelter. This will reduce the chances of stress fractures and any debris thrown around due to weather from impacting your car.

And not just at home, make sure that whenever you drive to work or the shops, you find decent coverage.

Do not use boiling water to remove ice from your windscreen

This de-thawing system is a rapid way to crack or even shatter your windscreen. 

Clean up and cover your BMW 3 Series windscreen cracks 

If a crack does appear, make sure to keep all dirt and water out of it. Tainted cracks can erode faster and hasten the shattering process. Apply a clear piece of tape over a crack or dent (after cleaning and drying it) to buy yourself some time.

Drive carefully

A lot of the time when accidents occur, it’s because if one of the drivers wasn’t paying attention.

Never text-and-drive and make sure always to leave a decent amount of space between yourself and the car in front of you. And take note whether you’re parking beneath a hazardous item or trees filled with fallible objects.

Constantly check your windscreen

A glance sometimes doesn’t cut it. Take time every five days to closely examine your windscreen and car glass for signs of damage. An early caught problem means easy and straightforward (i.e. cheaper) repairs. Unseen and unattended indicates a big problem in the future.

Go to a trustworthy car glass repair facility

The cheapest option might seem the easiest at first. But make sure to do your research thoroughly and find a company that will treat your BMW right. Because if they do their job right, you won’t have to see them in a long time.

Interesting fact: The BMW 3(25iX) was the original all-wheel-drive BMW model to roll off the production line as a reaction to the increasing desire for cars capable of handling tricky winter roads and still compete against any other brands of the time. 

Looking just fine on and off the mountain pass roads!

What is the average cost of a BMW 3 Series windscreen replacement?

When we work out an online quote for the cost of a windscreen replacement for your BMW 3 Series, we have to take a few factors into account.

The location and extent of the damage are essential, but you always have to make sure the correct glass material is being used in the replacement. And that’s why a car glass technician will need to know the BMW 3 Series year of creation, and which features it has that interact with the windscreen.

A BMW 3 Series with windscreen features such as the rain sensor and the green tint will cost around £480.28 while a front one without those features would cost around £430.96.

Rain Sensor

A rain sensor in a car is there to detect rainfall or heavy moisture. These come into contact with the windscreen, and the wipers will automatically adjust their movement in compensation.

These assist against driver distraction. You can locate your rain sensor in the car glass behind the windscreen as well as behind the rearview mirror.

Green Tint 

You’ll notice after some careful observation that your BMW 3 Series windscreen might be tinted slightly green. If you look near the top, there’s an even more pronounced bar of green.

This is there to shield your eyes from the sun rays (especially during sunrise and sunset).

How does insurance work with windscreen repairs or replacements?

Any car insurance company worth its name will cover the extensive costs that can sometimes go into repairing or replacing a windscreen. Many policies might have a deductible expense amount of between £100 to £300 for each replacement. If you have one that has a deductible replacement payment plan, then your insurance will meet these charges.

However, not all insurance companies are the same. In would be in your best interests to contact your insurance agent and discuss with them in details what is covered by your plan, and what circumstances need to be met for them to protect you.

When you book a windscreen or car glass replacement through us, you can opt for an “Insurance Case” method instead of registering your card details. We will then happily assist you with any insurance related queries you might have.

Article from UK carglass

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