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Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Not many people know that heat will cause more damage to a Laminated Windscreen than frost.

On a hot sunny day when the temperature is around 25-30°c , the glass reaches temperatures 🌡 in excess of 50-80°c. This will cause the laminate supporting the 2 layers of glass, to become soft and pliable.

This then causes the windscreen glass to become very weak and vulnerable to cracking from the smallest of stone chips, scratches or any previous damage.

When working on a stone chip repair ensure to get the glass temperature slowly down to a workable range whenever possible. This reduces the chance of the repair developing into a crack while working on it.


If you have any sort of damage on your Windscreen and your parking your car🚙 up on a hot day for a long period of time, always cover your glass with a cloth, cardboard, or find some shade☂️. 👍

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